Presented by J+J Flooring Group
Mark Yeaton

lunch will be provided by Mirabelles

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We believe that specifying environmentally-friendly flooring products is more involved than merely selecting a product based on a single attribute (e.g. recycled content, distance to the facility, or closed-loop recyclability). It is about selecting the correct flooring for the project based on the parameters of the project. It is for this reason that we offer options for our customers.

Come learn about our newest product Kinetex
Kinetex provides an ideal environmentally friendly option to many areas where hard-surface would typically be used. Due to its lower mass, Kinetex has a 50% lower environmental impact compared to other commercial floorings. With no less than 55% recycled content, Kinetex is NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified.  In addition, Kinetex is easily recycled into the next generation of itself - as easily as an aluminum can. 

As an integrated company, we have a comprehensive understanding of our ecological impact and can react quickly to changes in the marketplace to align with advances in product and process innovation. This vigilance and care, along with our conservation initiatives, help to strengthen our pursuit of sustainability.