Presenter: Ethan Waldman

"Let me guess. You've been spending more time than you'd like to admit looking at gorgeous pictures of tiny houses on Facebook and Pinterest. Tiny houses infiltrate your news feed. Tiny house newsletters stuff your inbox. You actually dream of tiny houses. Trust me, I’ve been there. However, there’s a big problem with just dreaming: It doesn’t prepare you for the very real challenge of building a tiny house. I started building my house in June of 2012, when I thought I had already absorbed all of the wisdom that the internet had to offer. Boy, was I wrong. By August of 2012, when I had expected to be over halfway done with the entire house, I barely even had my walls framed. I hadn't factored in how many choices I would face throughout the process that would affect the whole project going forward."

This workshop will give you an insight of what it means to build a tiny house and will help you ask your self the right questions, starting with: Is it living in a tiny house right for you?  Should it have wheels or be built in place? Should you build it yourself or hire help?

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