services (à la carte)

Hourly-Fee Services    $1/minute (15 minute minimum) for residential clients only, for commercial clients please contact us for our rate.

On-site Consultation               $1/minute (15 minute minimum)  
Meet with a licensed professional for a variety of design services, as needed. 

We will come to your home and walk through it with you as you describe your ideas, feedback is given and we often generate a priorities memo based on need, value, efficiency of each project. This service is often used for people looking to buy a home as well.

Drafting                             $1/minute (15 minute minimum)    

Pass along your sketches to a capable drafter to translate your ideas into computer generated plans.

These services are for design related documents including plans, elevations, sections and details.  Along with drawings we can provide detailed dimensions and notations, and will work together with you to generate other detailed aspects of your project. The level of detail you’d like to have included will be determined during an initial meeting, and an estimated project fee** will be set.

3D Modeling                        $1/minute (15 minute minimum)

Allow us to generate a 3d model of your project

Using dimensions and other details, we will generate a 3d model of your project.  The final model can be very simple or very detailed.  3d models can help you gain a more thorough understanding of your project, including different spatial relationships as well as color and material relationships. 3D models can also be used to understand the implications of different project solutions. Dimensions and details will be needed for an accurate model.  Models are most effective with accurate dimensions.  Dimensions can be provided by you or you can work with us to gather them. 

As-Built Drawings                $1/minute (15 minute minimum)

We can provide drawings of your existing house.

 In order to make design decisions about renovating your space, you will need to start with as-built drawings,   As-built drawings reflect the space that you currently have.  This gives you the opportunity to assess the conditions that don’t work and explore ways that will work better.  As-builts can help you understand mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural implications to your design decisions.  They provide a template to brainstorm over for ideas.  We can come in, measure, document, and create  computer generated plans and elevations at whatever level of need you have.

Real Estate Consult           $1/minute + travel time

Invite us to see your prospective new house to help you visualize what possibilities exist for future renovations/personalization of the space.

If you are buying a new home and wondering if/how a particular house on the market might be personalized to meet your needs, contact us.  We can walk through a home with you, and help navigate and visualize future renovations.

Other Services

Lunch and Learn                  free

Come, have lunch and hear detailed information about a variety of building systems and products.

Whether you are a design professional or personally interested in learning more about various design elements, this is a chance to get into the details. These are typically run by a product representative.  See our Calendar for our schedule of events.  Don’t see something you would like to see included?   …email us. Don’t forget to pre-register for these events.

Workshops                            free

Come to hear a presentation about various aspects of design and renovation work. 

This is an opportunity for you to hear about a specific aspect of design and renovation work. The list of workshops can range from talks about basic electrical wiring to designing porches to landscaping around your property to understanding ecologically sound finish materials.  Make sure to bring your questions too! If you have interest in a specific workshop idea, email us.


 *no by the minute fee services will be stamped by any professional unless the documents become a project through the firm and are allowed a thorough, professional review.        

**Any travel will be billed for mileage at the standard rate of.


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