At HINGE we believe that we are all impacted by the spaces we occupy. Our homes impact how we live, how we feel, and how we relate to the world around us on a daily basis. At HINGE storefront we are here to support you in your process of redefining your home. We provide a variety of services on an as-needed basis, we know the opportunities that open up for people when they have access to affordable design services. (click on the "services" text below for a more detailed description of our services.)


hourly fee (15 minute min.)

Reference Desk


Architectural Consultation

Engineering Consultation

Contractor Consultation

Interior Design Consultation

Landscape Architecture Consultation

3D computer Modeling

Computer workstation

Code consultation

Planning/Zoning and Permitting Consultation


fixed fee

Brainstorming Session

Design Charrette

Lunch and Learn (professional learning credits)

Gallery Lecture