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Come learn from the work of Pella Corporation and the Weidt Group, on their case-studies that analyzed the effects of replacing windows in a wide variety of buildings across the United States. Windows are known to have substantial effects on the problems regarding energy savings, however often times the details of their significance are lost. With the help from Pella and the Weidt group, the weaknesses of windows are surfaced, and the benefits of replacing them are brought to our attention. 

Enjoy conversation, and strengthen your knowledge on the potential benefits of window replacement projects! 


Learning Objectives:

1.  Review the historic evolution of fenestration design and the opportunity for energy retrofit projects in the US Market.

2. Calculate the energy savings impact of air-infiltration reduction via window replacement projects.

3. Quantify financial payback of window replacement considering both direct energy savings and indirect energy savings via occupant comfort.

4. Prioritize energy retrofit projects based on the potential for energy savings opportunity via window replacement.