A clear and practical guide to achieving the highest levels of resilient and sustainable building enclosures while eliminating foam.   The growing performance demands of air control, vapor control, thermal control, health and sustainability are examined.   Foam insulation, dominant in today’s high-performance marketplace, is increasingly recognized as hindering many of these building performance goals.  Practitioners are therefore wanting and finding new solutions that virtually eliminate foam and provide greater performance.  This presentation is a careful look at how to do it.


Learning Objectives:  Upon completion participants will be able to:

1. define what qualities differentiate high-performance enclosures from typical construction and how those qualities are evolving.

2. describe practitioner concerns of foam insulation hindering efforts to meet the evolving high-performance qualities.

3. describe how a foam free enclosure can more robustly achieve the qualities of high-performance.

4. describe practical methodologies practitioners can implement, to successfully produce a high-performance enclosure that is foam free.

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