CEU Course Title: Air Barries Testing Methods
Length: 1 hour
Credits: 1 HS&W AIA
Provider: Tremco 


The air barrier field in general is still new and the applicable standards can still be confusing.  We will talk about what standards are out there and how they are being used. This presentation will discuss the different standards that are involved in evaluating air barrier membranes. We will go over the test methods, modifications that relate to real world applications, and recommend other testing that can be performed to understand long term durability and performance.

Learning Objectives:

To review the industry recognized test methods that are specified for air barrier membranes.To understand the difference between test methods for products, components, and assemblies. To better understand how modifications can be made to some of the required test methods in order to demonstrate real world applications and installations .To review additional test methods that can further evaluate air barrier membranes in order to better understand long term performance and durability.

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