At the next gathering of our continuing Hinge Lunch & Learn series “Developing Conscious Leadership for 21st Century Success” executive coaches Meg Dennison and Tim Peek will look at how drama develops, how to avoid it, and how to move through it to get what you really want.

Conscious leaders know how to spot drama and step outside of it to solve problems with creativity instead of argument. It’s a key skill for sustainable success and you can learn it. We’ll explore some easy tools to help you disarm drama and turn to creative connection with colleagues, customers and even yourself.

Join us Wednesday, 3/2, and learn how to avoid workplace drama

Bring your lunch and a recurring issue or an exciting potential that you want to create and we’ll unpack the drama that’s keeping you stuck. We'll gather noon-1pm at the Hinge co-working space, 182 Main St. in Burlington, 2nd floor.

Here’s a short video preview of what we’ll be talking about.

Conscious Leadership is the cutting-edge theory and practice of leading that puts learning ahead of defending and connection above bureaucracy to create sustainable success for organizations ranging from Genentech to Google, as well as local companies like Woodmeister builders, Agilion and Killington Resort. This interactive lunch and learn series will give you the basic tools to become a more conscious leader, contributor or colleague and meet others who want to do the same.

Here’s the link to sign up. Space is limited, so reserve your seat now.

It’s free. To make it even more fun, bring a friend!