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Designing for the Future:  

Understanding Light Density and Medium Density Open Cell and Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Professionals: Earn 1 HSW/SD credit
Homeowners: Learn more about the technical aspects of spray foam insulation

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With spray foam insulation replacing many earlier generations of insulation, understanding the type of SPF to apply to a building envelope is critical to the building’s energy and environmental performance as well as the well being of occupants. This course provides a better understanding of the different performance characteristics of light-density and medium density open cell and closed cell SPF insulation. Following a brief presentation on building science principles, several applications based on the SPF type, climate zone and project team goals are discussed, including the role SPFs play in heat transfer, air sealing, R-value, moisture control and green building design and construction. Several additional important concepts will also be covered including the sustainable attributes of SPF blowing agents, and thermal barrier requirements.