Learning Object 1
Design professionals attending this course will in one hour learn: 1. Structural and aesthetic properties of structural, ceramic glazed facing tile and ceramic glazed brick.

Learning Object 2
2. How to design with SGFT for both interior "clean space" facilities and exterior cladding.

Learning Object 3
3. How SGFT offers the designer the capability to combine a structural element with a ceramic glazed surface installed by one trade, the masonry contractor, in one step, saving on labor and simplifying construction sequencing.

Learning Object 4
4. The extensive history of use, durability, sustainability, non-combustible, non-staining, permanent structural glazed face finish for all types of architectural/structural applications, both interior and exterior.

Learning Object 5
5. Structural Glazed Facing Tile has been in use since the early 20th century. This seminar attempts to remind designers about this tried and true ceramic, glazed material that is now available in 40 standard colors